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A warm welcome at Birgit K√§ufls¬ī, I am very pleased, you chose this side for further information.


I unterstand life as a full time school. The process of learning and growing ends up until we die. Beyond this context all potholes we find on the road of our our lifes can be understood as bigger or smaler challenges to grow and to learn. The purpose of my coaching concept is to find out the meaning of the incidents, that happen in our life in order to increase the quality and intensity of life. I am accompanying you out of the trained incapacity of your life, by increasing self-awareness and reflection opening the door towards the free developement of your personality.


Your life in a balanced energy.


Give yourself the permission to explore the adventure of your life, its worth it.

Sincerely yours Birgit Käufl
cert. coach

certified coach

You can¬īt teach people anything,
you can only help
them to discover themselves.
(Galileo Galilee)